August found my daughter and me visiting dear friends in Mexico City.  Everything about the trip was unforgettable.  The hospitality!  The food!  The tequila!  The heat and giardia not so much.

Click here to see if Krista has pictures of bouillabaisse for us to drool over!

One (July)-2

My niece to her sister … “Really?  You’re pregnant?!?!”   Let the water works commence!

Congratulations Betsy and Luke.  You are going to be awesome parents!

Now it’s off to Bainbridge Island where Krista has started shooting again.  I’m thrilled because her images totally blow my hair back.  Click here, please.

One (June)

One last sushi night before housemates move on to locations unknown.  You will most certainly be missed, Jay.  Please come visit as often as you can.  The porch light is always on!

The fabulous Stacey is up next in our little circle.  I wonder if she’ll have wedding pictures to share this month?

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Sometimes all it takes is a single word.  One word with power enough to turn my pigeon-holed perspective of life into an eyes wide open IMAX experience.


I’m a practical person.  Using the same camera for years and years is how my brain works.  Ordinarily I’d find comfort in using the same camera day after day, month after month, year after year.  But what happens when that camera conjures up bad memories?  Memories of months at the hospital.  Taking pictures of procedures.  Documenting the months and days leading up to my DH’s death.


This month I did something I thought I’d never do.  I took pictures with a new lens, and I took pictures with a different camera.  And you know what?  I LOVED it!  So, my ordinary camera is officially semi-retired.  It will be loved by my son until I ask for it back.  And when it comes home, it will take up residence on a shelf where I can look at it and remember.  In the mean time, I’m enjoying using film, experimenting with a mirrorless camera, and even enjoying a cropped sensor camera again.

Change.  Scary yet essential.

Please follow me to Houston to see what my sweet Scottish friend Adele has in store for us this month!


Here it is, the last day of April, and I’m feeling cheated as to where this month went!  I could swear April Fool’s Day was just here!  So, in the spirit of life whizzing by at break-neck speed, I give you a koi.  This little guys name is Rudy…as in Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.  He’ll be your BFF if you toss him some food.

Stacey just got some film back from the developers.  I wonder if her image will be something taken while enjoying the wonderful warm NYC spring.  Click here to see!


When you’re a dog, life is all about the little things.  Naps, chasing rabbits, reminding the human when it’s time to eat.  When grandma arrives bearing cookies, the little things get forgotten and the cookies she produces from her pocket become something BIG!  Manners are super important then, because forgetting them means no cookies for you.  Even the wildest of beasts are calmed when cookies are involved!  

Jessica has had quite a month with her brood of three.  Click here to see what surprise she has in store for us this month!