I had an image in mind for this month’s One.  It was edited and ready to go.  I even had something profound and meaningful sitting on the tip of my tongue.  But then I did something I do quite well — change my mind at the last minute.

I’ve been planning a book of images to give to Lily’s dad.  If you remember, Lily crossed the rainbow bridge last month, much to the surprise of all of us who loved her.  Rediscovering the memories made during Lily’s short time in our pack has me smiling, laughing, and weeping all at the same time.

I thought it only fitting that my One for April should be an image that encapsulates the love and affection Lily had for Waldo…and vice versa.

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Just a few days ago I received news that Waldo’s bestie (Lily) was going to leave this world because of kidney failure.  Lily didn’t live with us, but she may as well have.  She was a part of our pack from the day her dad adopted her from the humane society.

As a puppy, Lily had been hit by a car.  Her leg was broken at the hip, she had internal damage, and one of her kidneys was too damaged to be repaired and had to be removed.  Shortly after her surgery she was brought to the humane society where J’s buddy adopted her.  She was only 18 months old.  That was in 2011.

It was love at first sight when Waldo first met Lily.  Inseparable is a perfect description of their relationship; wherever Lily was, Waldo was her shadow.  They slept together, played together, rode in cars together, and played in Boulder Creek side by side.

Sweet Lily, your Colorado pack misses you dearly.

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One Feb 2016-1

One Feb 2016-2

A trip down memory lane.  I have no explanation for these images…except that I took them while living in Nigeria, and these signs would elicit gales of laughter from every male person in the car.

‘Nuff said.

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For those of you who live where the snow wouldn’t stop and the rain kept coming, I give you monarch butterflies.  A little something to remind us that spring is just a few months away!

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Island School 8-5-07

Losing a loved one.  Losing digital image files.

Most people would think they are two entirely different things, as did I, until both things happened to me within 2 months of each other.

It goes without saying that losing a husband is devastating.  But what happens when the last 12 years of digital image files go missing, and most of what I remember of those wonderful years living overseas is missing along with them?  I grieve, I mourn, I deny, I dig a hole and climb in as far as I can go.

Until one day, two years later, I arrive at an epiphany.  My husband is not coming back.  Period.  But I can get my pictures back.  Three days (and copious amounts of cash) later I have all 12 years, 14k photos, and 400 GB of data sitting on a trustworthy external hard drive.

The very first image that appeared is the one you see above.  Tom, Katie, and Joe (peeking around the left side of the image) enjoying a visit to a school in Nigeria that Tom helped raise money to build.  I remember taking this picture. I remember the sounds, the smells, the laughter, the unbearable heat and humidity.  I remember how happy Tom was to be there.

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November was tough for me, since it heralds the beginning of the holiday season.  Another reminder that I’m living a solo life.  And when living solo becomes unbearable, the pups and I head to the dog park.  Once there, I bury my head in the sand while the pups play follow the leader with their furry friends.

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One (October)

For October, I could have posted a pretty picture of my time on the east coast and Canada.  Or a darling picture of A and her mom who live in NYC.  Or even some super fun macro work staring bees doing their pollinating dance.  But, it all came down to spending time with J, pumpkin carving, and handing out halloween candy to the neighborhood kids.

Derpy Pumpkins Unite!!!!

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