Super moons have become so common place, that their importance has taken a back seat to more important activities…like staying home and eating dinner in front of the TV.  However, this month I made an exception.  The super moon on November 13 held the distinction of being the biggest, brightest, and closest to earth than all the full moons since 1948.   And it won’t happen again until November 2034.  Getting this shot was certainly worth climbing over fences, gingerly avoiding rocky hazards along a lake shore, and listening to coyote packs howl.  Thank you J for schlepping my camera and tripod to make the trek easier and safer for your mom.

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Peanut Butter.  A magical potion used in minute quantities to transform a wiggly, biting, playful 13 week old puppy into a puppy with rapt attention, and a willingness to do just about anything for another bite of the creamy goodness.

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My favorite photo from the month of September.  My newly married niece walking her 90 year old grandma to the car after a very fun wedding weekend.

I love road trips.  They bring me back to when I was little and all 5 of us kids would cram into the Rambler with mom and dad, and drive straight through to Minnesota (16 hours).  Mom would pack sandwiches and fruit so we didn’t have to buy expensive gas station snacks.  Dad would only let us use the bathroom during gas stops.  I can remember the backs of my legs sticking to the seat in the summer heat, and watching rows of corn in Iowa flying by so fast I felt I could be hypnotized by them.

When my niece announced she was getting married in Montana, I was ecstatic to plan a road trip to attend the festivities.  My 90 year old mom rode shotgun, while my son had the entire back seat to himself.  The dogs got to come along, of course, and they each had a bed in the way back.  At each gas stop we stocked up on junk food, as well as Starbucks lattes and macchiatos.  We used copious amounts of air conditioning, and stayed in hotels.  Times may change, but the fun and memories remain the same.

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The most fun I’ve had in quite a long time happened when J and I decided to load the car with our camera equipment and dogs, drive through rush hour traffic, and wander around the boonies north of Denver International Airport in search of fields of sunflowers.  Narrow two lane country roads wind up and over gentle hills.  Cresting one of those hills we discovered sunflowers as far as the eyes could see.  Each plant chest high with flowers as large as dinner plates.  Who knew Colorado had more to feast the eyes on than just mountains!

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There were several flower gardens at the house where I grew up.  I remember tall yellow marigolds in the garden along the back fence, and California poppies in the front garden next to the driveway.  My parents moved to a different house when we all grew up and started lives of our own, and in the front flower garden at the new house, my parents planted California poppies.  Thirty two years later the poppies are alive and well, their orange petals waving in the mountain breeze, welcoming everyone who drives down the driveway.

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One (June)


I took this image just outside of Florianópolis, Brazil during vacation two years ago.  I can remember taking this picture and wishing the people and dog on the left would just duck down behind the hill…for one second.  But alas, they did not.  I filed the picture away on my computer until I had time to clone out the people and dog.  Two years later I took an online Photoshop class and learned how to swap canvas, add skies, create magic, and give my images that certain je nais se quoi.  Imagine my surprise when I realized I could not only clone out distracting elements, but add cool things too!  Like skies with wow factor.  I may be in my 50’s, but this chick can still learn!

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Oliver&Mom-LR edit-large

Let me introduce you to the newest member of our family … 4 month old Oliver!!

Memorial Day weekend was a family reunion of sorts.  All 6 kids gathered for what was supposed to be a ‘work weekend’ at my mom’s house.  Every one of my siblings worked their fingers to the bone while I held, played with, and snuggled Oliver.  No matter how much work there is to do, if there is a baby in the house, I’m toast.  My apologies to my brothers and sisters for not helping with the work list.

When I wasn’t holding Oliver, 90 year old great-grandma was always available with an empty lap!!!

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