What do you get when you mix dogs + water + a contest to see how far you can jump?  A diving dog competition, of course!!!

I give this labrador retriever a 10 for form and concentration.  The landing is another story, but extra points should be given for never taking your eye off the toy!


This cattle dog(?) was The Boss!  Just look at that determination!  That drive!  The ‘I don’t care if the water is a chilly 58deg because it’s all about grabbing that toy before it hits the water’ attitude.


There were even little dogs taking part in the wet festivities!  This little guy needed a little encouragement from his human before taking the plunge.  The second his diminutive body hit the water, the audience was on their feet cheering him on.


Last but not least, we have a golden retriever.  The token party animal who would rather not retrieve his toy if it means jumping in the chilly water.  He even made sure to voice his displeasure at what was expected of him!


Please click here to discover what my talented and funny friend Jessica has in store for us this month!


2 thoughts on “One (February 2017)

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