One (June)


I took this image just outside of Florianópolis, Brazil during vacation two years ago.  I can remember taking this picture and wishing the people and dog on the left would just duck down behind the hill…for one second.  But alas, they did not.  I filed the picture away on my computer until I had time to clone out the people and dog.  Two years later I took an online Photoshop class and learned how to swap canvas, add skies, create magic, and give my images that certain je nais se quoi.  Imagine my surprise when I realized I could not only clone out distracting elements, but add cool things too!  Like skies with wow factor.  I may be in my 50’s, but this chick can still learn!

Follow me around the circle to see what Stacey chose to share for June.  I certainly hope the image is one from her recent exotic vacation!

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