Island School 8-5-07

Losing a loved one.  Losing digital image files.

Most people would think they are two entirely different things, as did I, until both things happened to me within 2 months of each other.

It goes without saying that losing a husband is devastating.  But what happens when the last 12 years of digital image files go missing, and most of what I remember of those wonderful years living overseas is missing along with them?  I grieve, I mourn, I deny, I dig a hole and climb in as far as I can go.

Until one day, two years later, I arrive at an epiphany.  My husband is not coming back.  Period.  But I can get my pictures back.  Three days (and copious amounts of cash) later I have all 12 years, 14k photos, and 400 GB of data sitting on a trustworthy external hard drive.

The very first image that appeared is the one you see above.  Tom, Katie, and Joe (peeking around the left side of the image) enjoying a visit to a school in Nigeria that Tom helped raise money to build.  I remember taking this picture. I remember the sounds, the smells, the laughter, the unbearable heat and humidity.  I remember how happy Tom was to be there.

Please follow me to the PNW to see what Krista has tucked away for us to see.  I sincerely hope her image is one of her stunning black & whites!

3 thoughts on “One (December 2015)

  1. jessicaremus

    This is incredible, I feel like I’m there with this image, the way you described it…SO thankful you were able to rescue years and years of memories with your dear husband and kids. I love everything about this!



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