One (February 2014)

One  (February 2014)

When the kids were little, T and I would put them to bed at night, dole out eskimo kisses and whisper in their ears ‘dream of angels’.   During my recent trip to California I saw a halo surrounding the sun over Bixby Bridge near Monterey.  It’s been years since I’ve kissed my kids good night, but seeing that solar halo made me think of our beloved bedtime routine.  Now when I say ‘dream of angels’, I think of the love of my life.  And I dream of him.

Please continue around the circle to Kimberly Lane in Georgia.  I wonder if her ‘One’ will be taken with her brand-spanking-new camera!

5 thoughts on “One (February 2014)

  1. Kathleen Alvarez

    Your image is beautiful all by itself but reading what it means to you when you look at it makes it breathtaking!



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