One (December 2013)

2013 is coming to a close…as is the “One” blog.  Today marks the last submission to a blog that has kept me sane throughout this year-from-hell.  There is a saying:  “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”.  I found this to be especially true among the special women who participate with me in this “One” blog.  When one of us is hurting, the group channels their formidable strength and compassion in such a way that even mountains wither.  I’ve been called a bad-ass mama, but in reality it’s these women who are the real bad-ass mamas.  Taking care of their kids, husbands, parents, pets, and for some, their day jobs and graduate school.  All the while maintaing a sense of humor in the everyday, and sense of self through their photography.  Thank you ladies, for allowing me to grieve when T died, for bringing laughter and sensitivity to my crumbling world, and for wrapping me in virtual (and real!) hugs that filled the deepest, darkest hole I’ve ever found myself at the bottom of.

When I saw the moon this month, I was awestruck at the hugeness of it.  The brightness of it.  The fact that it shouted ‘LOOK AT ME!’ in an otherwise pitch black sky.  When T would travel for his job, I found comfort in the knowledge that even though we were continents apart from each other, the moon remained constant.  That T was looking at the same moon I was.  That we were together even when we weren’t.  I wonder if he can see the moon from where he is now?

One (December)

Next in the circle is Krista from Washington state.   Click here to see what surprise she has in store for us.

3 thoughts on “One (December 2013)

  1. adelehumphries

    Such a privilege to be allowed to share this journey with you Sarah. Thank you for all your support also. And the image is so special. One of my favourites of yours. Great way to end this year’s project!


  2. jessicaremus

    Sarah, I’ve often had the same thoughts looking at the moon – it’s comforting to know that those near and far are looking at the same moon. I am sure T is too, and smiling down at you. You have been an inspiration to us all – not just in the past year, but how you conduct yourself, always. I am so glad we were here to help support you!



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