One (November 2013)

What does a person do when their house is full of active young adults, who want to try out the newly opened climbing gym located just down the road?  Grab my camera and jump in the car is just what I did.  Didn’t want to miss all the excitement!  I am both thrilled and thankful that my children invite me to join them in their fun.  It is quite the experience watching my daughter scale a wall with minuscule hand and footholds, a thin (in my view) rope, and a single belayer at the bottom to catch her in case she falls.  Never again will I wonder where all my grey hair comes from!


Next up is Kim.  She seemed to be right on the ball this month with her ‘One’ image.  Click here to see what she has up her sleeve for November.

6 thoughts on “One (November 2013)

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  2. Krista

    Amazing! This has your usual action and vibrancy, with a bit of suspense created by how you’ve focused the shot. She’s keeping you young, isn’t she?! I love this!


  3. jessicaremus

    Katie is just too cool for school. I love her adventurous spirit! And after seeing pictures of her in action, I too know why you have so many gray hairs! Loving the vivid colors and lines here Sarah, I think your mojo is back my friend!!



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