One (October 2013)

Looking through the images I made during the month of October, I was surprised at all that I had accomplished.  I was also surprised at how hard it was to nail down the One image that exemplifies October for me.  In the end, I chose an image from my road trip to Mosca, Colorado to visit my sweet daughter.  My son and my mother joined me on the best road trip I’ve experienced in a very long while.  The aspens were at their peak, the sky was typical Colorado blue, and my mother recreated wonderful stories of she and my dad driving the same route numerous times over the years.

Mosca is a stone’s throw from Great Sand Dunes National Park.  A place I remember going to as a child on family vacations.  I also remember it being unbearably hot, and after all the fun climbing up the dunes, finding sand in places on my body I never knew existed.  This time I had a list of images I wanted to take while at the dunes.  Being prepared is not my forte, but this time I was prepared.  Unfortunately, my preparation didn’t take into consideration the fact that the US government was on furlough and all the national parks were closed.

So this month I present you with my ‘One’ for October — Great Sand Dunes National Park — from afar.

One (October)

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