One (May 2013)

Spring has finally arrived to my small neck of the woods.  The snow has melted and the trees have leafed out almost overnight.  I don’t consider myself an ornithologist, but I do love the turtle doves that spend each morning perched on the roof of my house, calling to each other in their quiet woo-OO-oo-oo-oo voices.  The magpies act like morning party animals, the robins fight over found worms in the lawn, and the crows yell at the top of their lungs for someone to fill the bird feeder.  Amongst the commotion, the turtle doves remain steadfast in their rooftop roost.  Never part of the drama unfolding on the ground, but always patient.  For when the drama is over, and the revelers have moved on, the special seed makes its appearance.  Food for the patient ones.  Food for the quiet ones.

One (May)

Stacey V is next in our blog circle.  I wonder which image she’s going to choose for her One for May.  Could it be Mr. J?  Or her recent visit to Prague and Berlin?  Or maybe her beautiful NYC?  Click here to find out!

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