One (April 2013)

I love me some color.  Boost the saturation in post processing and I’m a happy girl.  Bump the vibrance to something resembling bodacious, and my heart will sing ’til the cows come home.

Something odd has happened to my color barometer this month.  Maybe it’s due to the 3 snow storms Colorado has had since April 1st.  Or possibly the extreme temperature swings we are seeing in a 24 hour period . . . 15 degF one day, 80 degF the next.  It’s April people!  Where is the gorgeous spring weather Colorado is known for?!

Honestly though, I think my color barometer is just plain tired of trying to find the color in my every day.  Exhausted by the seemingly constant battering from the unexpected, my color barometer has decided to cry ‘uncle’.  I have a feeling it’s still around, hiding out in its happy place, drinking mojitos.

One (April)

Follow me around the circle to see what Jessica Remus has in store for us.  Her sense of humor is infectious, especially when she infuses her images with it!

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