One (January 2013)

Last year, I unexpectedly met a group of women through this crazy expensive hobby I like to call photography.  This small group has seen me through thick and thin; given me 10 shoulders to cry on, 5 perspectives of life, and 1 collective hug whenever I needed help navigating my new normal.  We come from all over the US.  From the west coast to the east coast, from the NW to the South.  We all are mothers, we all love photography, we all love a good laugh, and a large libation at the end of the day.

Which brings me to the purpose of “One”.  This fantastically talented group of ladies have started a monthly photography blog circle entitled “One”.  There will always be “One” image that falls through the editing cracks.  ”One” that gets forgotten among the dozens of images in our library, and then remembered in the wee hours of the morning when we as mothers (and caregivers) have time to think beyond our duties.  An image that may not ‘fit’ what we imagine to be the perfect image; out of focus, catawampus composition, unconventional white balance, confusing subject matter (ummm, sounds suspiciously like my photographic style!).  An image that speaks to us in a language only our heart understands.

The image I chose for my first “One” is called Reflections.  Boring title, poignant meaning.  My DH reflected in a hospital room window as the sun sets behind the mountains Colorado is so famous for.

Life goes on, even when my individual world is turning upside down.

One (January)

Adele is next in our circle of “One”.  Click here to see her beautiful, and ethereal image.  One you will most likely want to come back to over and over again.  I know I have!

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